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Recovering a lost item

Lost Item

If you think you left your item in the vehicle, you will have 24 hours to contact the driver through the app. Please check your Ride history to see this option.

If more than 24 hours have passed, please contact our Support team via the app to provide the ride details and description of the item.

Lost Phone

If you lost your phone, please contact our Support team via email. You can find all the local emails on our website. Select your city and scroll down to the Contact Us section where you will see the contact details. 


  • We will do all we can to help you get your item back, but please note that Bolt is not responsible for items lost during rides.
  • Unclaimed items will be disposed of, recycled or donated (if appropriate) after 3 months. Any personal data will be securely removed. 
  • Be mindful of the effort and time spent by the driver to return your item. Compensation is always welcome!
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