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Monthly Invoice Guide

The monthly invoice is a summary of the earnings (including bonuses) paid out to the driver and commission paid to Bolt for all the completed trips in the previous month. 

The invoice is generated by our system and sent out to drivers in the first three days of every month. Check below the explanation of the sections and elements on the invoice.


Main table

  • App orders — our commission taken for all the journeys you completed during the period stated
  • Compensations — all bonuses and reimbursements (e.g. for missing tolls) you received from us

Lower left section

  • Your balance at the start and end dates of the period stated. If the balance is positive at the end of the month, this amount will be paid to you in the next payout cycle (and appear under Payout on your next invoice).
  • App payments — the total of trips done during the month, including our commission
  • Invoices — adjusted commission. The Invoices amount is comprised of the App Orders (Bolt commission) minus any bonuses or reimbursements you have received.
  • Payouts — sum of all payouts made to you via bank transfer during the period stated

Lower right section

  • Total — The adjusted commission amount taken by Bolt (equal to the amount in the Invoices section)
  • VAT0% rate

To be Paid section

If the amount is 0.00, you do not have any outstanding amounts that you owe; thus, no action is required from you. This applies to most drivers.

If the amount is not 0.00, you can pay the amount you owe by driving and completing journeys so that the commission generated will cover the outstanding amount. You do not need to make a bank transfer to us.

NoteExcluding tolls and booking fees, there are no other additional or hidden fees on top of the commission automatically deducted from your account. 

Tax reports

In case you need a monthly invoice for accounting purposes, you can download monthly tax reports in the Driver Portal:

  • Log into the Driver Portal
  • Go to the Tax Reports tab
  • Find the required month and click Download PDF to download the report.
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