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Waiting for a Passenger

When a passenger has not arrived 4-5 minutes after reaching the pickup point, make sure to call them. To find the call option, click on the three stripes in the upper right corner and tap on Call Passenger.

As compensation for waiting time, a wait time fee will be charged to the passenger on a per-minute rate, 2 minutes after you arrive at the pickup location.

If you are unable to reach the passenger via phone, you can cancel the request and receive a cancellation fee after 5 minutes of waiting time.


  • The wait-time fee is only processed and added onto the fare if the journey is started and completed. If the request is cancelled after 5 minutes of waiting, only the cancellation fee is charged.
  • Your activity score is not affected if a passenger does not show up after 5 minutes and you cancel with the reason Client did not show.
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