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Using the SOS button

We have added an SOS button as a safety feature to the passenger app. The button should only be used in life-threatening situations where you, your driver or another road user is in immediate danger during a Bolt journey.

Life-threatening incidents include medical and security emergencies such as road accidents, inappropriate and/or violent physical contact, aggressive behaviour such as verbal assault from your driver, etc.

Follow the steps below to report an emergency:

  • Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds
  • Select the Yes button to confirm your emergency
  • You get an option to place a call to the local emergency services
  • Bolt will be automatically notified the distress signal

The alert will be handled as a matter of urgency.

Note: Kindly make sure that your location settings are enabled while using the Bolt application to ensure that help is sent to the correct place.

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