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Activating Apple Pay

Bolt has recently added Apple Pay as a payment option for trips on the iOS mobile device. Apple Pay is activated on your iOS device when you add a supported card.

Follow these steps to set up Apple Pay:

  • Go to Settings in your iOS device
  • Click Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Select Add a card
  • Follow the steps to add a card

Apple might do a small transaction to check if the card you added is working. This hold will be released immediately.

Device requirements:

  • Apple Pay works only on iOS devices: iPhone 6 or newer versions
  • We suggest updating your operating system to the latest version (iOS 10.0+)
  • Add a supported card

How does it work:

  • Select Apple Pay in the Payment section of Bolt and Request your trip
  • Apple Pay sheet will appear asking you to identify yourself
  • Scan your fingerprint, facial recognition, or use a passcode; depending on how it was setup
  • The payment method is now activated


  • If you wish to remove Apple Pay from your app, you can delete your card from the Apple Pay wallet and it will be automatically removed from your Bolt app
  • If payment for the trip fails, you will not be able to make another request until you have paid for the previous trip
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