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Bonus was not added

If a bonus was not added to your balance, please ensure that all bonus campaign conditions have been met and the campaign period has ended. You can check the bonus requirements and track your progress in the Campaigns section in the News tab.

Bonuses will be paid out with your next weekly payout.

Please note that if the campaign was active in a specific city, only trips starting in that city will be counted. 

Issues with referral bonus

If you did not receive referral bonus, make sure that:

  • You have been enrolled in the referral campaign. To check this, go to the home screen in the app and see if there is a referral campaign banner. If there is, it means you have been enrolled.
  • The referred driver is a new Bolt user and they have:
    • No previous registrations
    • Registered in the same city as you
    • Fulfilled all the campaign conditions.

If all bonus requirements were met, but the bonus hasn’t been added to your balance, please contact our Support team and provide us with the screenshot of the campaign.

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