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Passenger did not pay or paid less in Ireland

Drivers are responsible for collecting cash from riders for cash-paid journeys. If the rider refuses to pay or pays less, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Politely ask the rider to make payment at the end of a cash journey
  • If the rider refuses to pay the metered rate, try to arrange another method of payment (drive to an ATM or take payment via a card reader)
  • If a slightly lesser amount is agreed on cash fares, then the full amount on the meter should be entered. Please contact Bolt and inform us of the situation so that you are not overcharged with a commission.

If the rider refuses to pay after alternatives are offered:

  • Local authorities should be contacted as this is an offence under the Maximum Fares Order
  • Do not confirm the price in the app
  • Report a problem with the price
  • Choose the relevant reason and leave a comment
  • If you need to request compensation, please contact our Support team via the app.

We will review the order details. When the price review is completed, the trip price will be shown in the ride history.

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