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Where can I finish the ride in Lithuania?

Check the map to confirm if you're located in an area where you will be able to finish your ride:

  • When zoomed out of the map, you'll see the main city borders and nearby town areas in green - you won't be able to finish a ride outside of these areas
  • When zoomed in, the red areas are the prohibited zones - you can park the car in the transparent areas. The allowed areas may differ for some vehicles.

Find a parking space in the allowed parking zone, check the local parking regulations, and safely park the vehicle.

You can park free of charge in the following areas in the allowed parking zone:

  • Vilnius municipality paid parking areas
  • Other allowed parking areas indicated in the app

You cannot end a trip in private parking areas and areas where the regular rules for parking don't allow it.

Make sure to close the windows, leave the keys in the cup holder, take your belongings, close the doors, and finish the ride in the app.

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