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Using a Promo Code

You can use a promo code as payment for in-app (credit or debit card) or cash trips. To activate your discount, you would need to enter the code before requesting a trip:

  • Go to the main menu (top left corner), then tap on Payments
  • Select your desired payment method Card/Cash
  • Scroll down and in promotions tap Enter promo code field
  • Enter the promo code and tap Apply

Selecting a Promotion

To view all your active and recent non-active promotions, please visit the Payment section in the main menu (top left corner). If you have added more than one promo code, you can manually check which discount to use before requesting a trip. 

If available, here, you can:

  • Select which active promotion to apply to your next trip
  • Check the condition of each promotion you have

If you experience any problems with applying a discount to your trip, please check the Issues with Promotion and Issues With Referral Promo Code articles for help.


  • Promo code can be used with cash trips in the following countries:  
    • Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda
    • Europe & Asia: Azerbaijan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
  • Invite codes can no longer be used for cash rides in South Africa
  • If you change the payment method, the code will need to be reselected
  • When the value of the promo code is higher than the trip price, the leftover amount cannot be used for another trip.
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