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Checking Earnings and Bonuses

Your balance information can be found in the Driver Portal. You can also check your balance details in the app by selecting the Earnings tab from the Home screen.

The Balance tab shows your starting and ending balance for a selected timeframe. 

The Revenue tab shows your revenue and bonuses. You can split the revenue to see cash and in-app payments separately by tapping on the revenue button. 

The Net tab shows your earnings, excluding commission. This amount is equal to your payout sum.

All of these tabs can show the current week, past weeks or past 3 months. Simply swipe the top bar to toggle the view. You can also see different days separately by tapping on the bars representing them.


  • Your most recent trip may not be immediately visible in the app
  • Only bonuses earned for the previous day can be viewed. Bonuses are received with payouts.
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