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Passenger Did Not Pay or Paid Less

With Bolt, passengers may make a cash (in some cities) or in-app (card/other services) payment for their journeys.

Drivers are responsible for collecting cash from passengers for cash-paid journeys. If the passenger is to pay by in-app, you will be notified on the driver app. Please do not ask the passenger for cash.

Please follow the guidelines below when a passenger does not pay or pays less for a cash journey:

  • Politely ask the passenger to make payment at the end of a cash journey
  • If the passenger refuses to pay or pays less, do not confirm the price
  • Tap on Problem with Price
  • Choose Client did not pay or Client paid less


We will follow up to resolve the situation.

Tips to follow before starting a journey:

  • Confirm the passenger's name
  • For cash journeys, it is mandatory to have enough available change. If not, the passenger has the right not to pay or pay less.

Please contact our Support team via the app if you have other questions or require assistance.

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