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Adding or removing payment method

Temporary change from 07/03/2022: cards issued by Russian banks can no longer be used due to changes on the side of providers.

You can manage and change your payment methods in the Payment tab.  

To add a card, use the Add Your Card option. When you add a new card, our system will validate it with a reversible transaction. It may take up to 14 business days to get this amount released. If you experience an issue with adding your card, make sure:

  • You entered correct card details
  • You have enough funds on your card
  • Your card is not expired
  • Your debit or credit card allows recurring e-commerce transactions
  • You are adding your Mastercard or Visa card; American Express cards are accepted only in Euro Zone countries.

To remove a card, swipe the line with a card number to the left and click Delete. Keep in mind that you will be able to remove a card from the app only if there are no pending payments on your account. 

Always check that you have selected the correct payment method before requesting a ride. It is not possible to change it once the trip has started or to charge a different payment method at a later stage.

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