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Rating a Ride

At the end of each completed trip, you have the option to rate your ride. Rating your experience can be done once when you receive a prompt.

Here's how it's done:

  • Tap to select the number of stars
  • Leave a comment.

The next time you ride with Bolt, don't forget to rate your driver.

How do I leave a tip?

At the end of the ride, if you give the driver a rating from 4- 5, you will see an option to tip the driver. You can select the amount of your choice, or you can add an amount by clicking Add custom amount. However, tipping is optional and you can easily skip it by leaving the amount at zero and clicking Done.

Why can't I see an option to add a tip?

The option to add a tip is visible if you select a 4-5 star rating at the end of your ride. The option to tip may not be available in your city.

How can I tip for past trips?

The option to tip is visible for 15 minutes after the ride ends. If you already rated the ride or more than 15 minutes have passed, you won’t be able to leave a tip.

What if I selected cash as a payment method?

You can tip a driver for cash rides in cash.


  • One star refers to poor service while a five star is excellent
  • Be sure you rate accordingly to help us keep the best drivers and provide you with safe, high-quality service.
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