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Activity Score Calculation

Your activity score gives you an overview of your driving activity per day. It is calculated based on the last 80 rides and is updated for rides within your driving radius. 

If you accept every order that you receive inside your radius, your activity score will be adjusted positively. If you reject or don’t respond to order requests, your score will be affected negatively.

To check your activity score:

  • Move the slider up on the Home screen
  • Tap on Activity.

This view has 3 different tabs:

  • The Hours tab shows the sum of your waiting and driving hours
  • The Rides tab shows the number of all finished rides from all incoming requests. You can choose between a percentage or a proportional view by tapping on the score bubble.
  • The Cancels tab shows the reasons for the 50 most recent cancelled rides + pro tips on how to improve your activity.

All of these tabs can be toggled to show the data of the current week, past weeks or past 3 months. You can also see different days separately by tapping on the blue bars representing them.


  • Rides from outside your driving radius do not affect your activity score
  • Please keep in mind that your acceptance rate is not the same as your activity score. For more details, check the article on Acceptance Rate.
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