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Estimated time of arrival

After requesting a ride, you will see how soon the driver can arrive at your pickup location. Please note that it is an estimate and subject to minor changes (e.g. external factors like heavy traffic or road constructions can affect the ETA). 

How is the ETA calculated:

  • Distance between the driver and your pickup location
  • Current traffic and roadblocks.

Share your ETA

Your ETA can be shared with friends and family. Just use the slider at the bottom of your screen and tap on ShareThat way they can see your trip in real-time on the map.

Using emergency assist

In case of an emergency either safety and security or health during your ride, you can use the emergency assist icon to contact the helpline in your city.

Here is how it works:

  • Click on the green shield icon on the map
  • The Safety toolkit window opens
  • Click on the Emergency assist to contact the local authority
  • Click call and explain your situation.
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