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Improving Your Ratings

Riders can rate their driving experience after every trip. The last 40 ratings are calculated to give your average score. If the average rating score drops below the allowed threshold, your account may be temporarily blocked by the system. 

Kindly wait until the block on your account expires to go back online. Here are some tips to help you get higher ratings:

  • Be generally nice and polite
  • Keep your car clean, and scent-free
  • Ask riders about a preferred route to their destination
  • Offer some mints, gum, sweets, and a mobile phone charger
  • Keep your conversation polite, professional and respectful
  • Respect traffic rules and be considerate to other road users
  • Help riders with luggage and bags if safe to do so
  • Ask riders if they have all their items before they exit the vehicle.

You can find more pro tips that will guarantee a high rating in our blog post on 5-star Bolt drivers.

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