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Improving Your Ratings

Passengers can rate their driving experience after every journey. The last 40 ratings are calculated to give your average score. The calculations are updated on every rated journey you have.

Here are some tips to help with higher ratings:

  • Be generally nice and polite
  • Help open the boot or car door for passengers with luggage
  • Help load and unload the passenger's luggage
  • Respect traffic rules and be considerate to other road users
  • Avoid any form of dispute, be calm and tolerant during challenging situations
  • Always ask the passenger if they would like the air-condition or the radio to be switched on/off
  • Have charger cables for Apple and Android devices
  • Keep your car clean
  • Have a deodorant with you and use at regular intervals
  • Keep some mints or sweets in your vehicle
  • Have an AUX cable

Provide high-quality service to your passengers to keep your ratings high!

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