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Price Explanation

The price for your trip is calculated based on a number of factors. Here are 3 major elements the app considers:

  • Base fare
  • Kilometer rate (Distance of the route covered)
  • Minute rate (Time from start to end of trip)

Other factors may affect your fare include:

  • Dynamic pricing: before you make a request, the app will inform you about the surge as prices may be higher at that time
  • Vehicle categories (depending on your city)
  • Extra fees (airport, toll and parking fees): these fees are added automatically in most cities

Please let us know if you feel that the charge of your ride is higher than expected. Should you believe that someone has taken a Taxify ride using your card without your permission, please contact your bank as soon as possible.

Note: Your price breakdown appears in your receipts at the end of your trip. Don't forget to opt-in for Taxify Newsletters to receive updated info about rates.

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