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Back-to-Back Journeys

To make time driving with Bolt more effective, drivers can confirm new journeys before they finish the ongoing ones. With back-to-back journeys, you reduce the waiting time between orders, which in turn increases your earnings and efficiency.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll receive an incoming journey request that lasts for 20 seconds while you're on an order
  • When you confirm the journey request, you'll see the estimated arrival time to the next passenger
  • During your ongoing order, you'll also see the next pickup point at the top of the screen.

Main points:

  • You can get back-to-back requests only if your current passenger has set a destination
  • Before you confirm the new journey request, it is advised to make sure the current passenger's destination is final
  • When you complete the current journey, you can proceed to the new pickup location immediately
  • Declining back-to-back journeys will also affect your activity score. If you don't want to receive these requests, you should disable this feature.

To disable this feature, follow the next steps:

  • Accept a request and start the ride
  • Go to the Menu
  • Switch the Accept next ride button to disable.

Note: Back-to-back journeys are always on by default.

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