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Getting a Safety Check

All vehicles are required to pass an annual safety check under the NSW Point to Point Regulation. This Regulation started on the 1st of November 2017 and applies to all vehicles, including those under five years of age. Vehicles must complete an inspection to pass safety standards for commercial use.

If your vehicle already completed an e-safety check (previously called a pink slip) as part of the registration renewal process (vehicles older than five years), you do not need to submit this to Bolt. Therefore, vehicle models:

  • 2019: Do not require a safety check to be approved by Bolt
  • 2014 - 2018: Vehicle will need to complete a safety check inspection (except for 2018 vehicles registered less than 12 months ago)
  • 2009 - 2013: Do not require a new safety check if one was completed less than 12 months ago

You must provide or complete an RMS Approved Inspection and we only accept inspections that are a maximum of 60 days old.

Please email us your inspection to or submit it through as part of your new car application or document renewal upload via the Driver Portal. We can also book you in for an inspection with our partner Redbook.

To ensure your inspection passes the 1st time, make sure that:

    • Each tyre has a sufficient tread depth of at least 1.5mm and has no cracks
    • All lights are working, including headlights, park lights, signal indicator lights, brake lights, and interior lights
    • The body of the car is in good condition
    • Key components are working well such as your engine (any oil leaks), steering, suspension, seat belt condition, windscreen, and brakes

Note: If your vehicle fails an inspection with our partner, Redbook, additional costs may be incurred for a re-inspection. We do not give out our partner inspection reports to drivers.

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