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Sydney International Airport Information

From Tuesday, 6 March 3 am onwards, all ride-share passengers must be picked up at the new Green Priority Pickup zone at Sydney Airport's T1 International Terminal. Please refer to the map below:

  • The new zone is located adjacent to the P7 car park and is much closer to the terminal than the existing Express Pickup zone. There will be clear signage directing drivers and passengers to this zone.
  • The new Priority Pickup zone carries a fee of $4.20 for 15 minutes, which will be charged to your existing e-TAG at the exit. Passengers will be automatically charged $4.20 to cover the fee.

Drivers should only enter and pick up rides when they are ready and waiting so that it will take under 15 minutes. Longer stays will attract additional charges (especially >30 minutes) as shown below:

  • 0 to 15 min > $4.20
  • 16 to 30 mins > $8.40
  • 31 to 60 mins > $21.00
  • 61 to 120 mins > $30.70 

The Express Pickup is now designated for the use of private vehicles only, not ride-share ones. Drivers who are found to breach these new rules may be fined by the airport authorities when discovered.

Waiting Zone

Drivers should continue to wait in the current holding area within the T2/T3 Domestic precinct, which is located on the northern side of Ross Smith Avenue, opposite the Executive Jet base. You can read more about the waiting area here.

Drivers are given 30 minutes of free waiting time. If you need to wait for longer, you should exit through the boom gate and immediately re-enter the waiting area, which is allowed without charge. For more details, please refer to this article.

Note: Remember to display your Taxify sign when you are online.

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