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Steps to Becoming a Taxify Partner

With multiple rideshare platforms available in Toronto, drivers will choose the rideshare platform that can do the most for them. That’s why Taxify Driver-Partners earn 85% commission.


Want in on Taxify’s 85% commission?

We're looking for Driver-Partners who:

  • Are 21 years of age or older
  • Hold a valid Ontario “G” driver's license (or equivalent)
  • Own a personal (non-commercial) vehicle no more than 7 model years old (2011 or newer - more on vehicle requirements)

Here are the steps to becoming a Taxify Driver-Partner:

1. Submit all 5 of your application documents and a profile picture: Pictures should be clear, contain all 4 corners of the document, and be of non-expired documents.

    • Ontario G-class driver’s license: We’re looking for drivers aged 21 or over with drivers’ license class A-G or equivalent (cannot be G1 or G2); if temporary license, submit with photo ID
    • Canadian proof of work eligibility: Canadian document with your legal name, such as a Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card, citizenship document, birth certificate, work/study permit, or SIN card/document (that does not start with a number 9)
    • Ontario vehicle registration: Vehicle must be privately owned (not Toronto limo- or taxi-plated, not a rental), 2011 or newer, and not rebuilt or salvaged - Vehicle registration image must show both left and right sides of permit (see sample)
    • Personal vehicle insurance: This unexpired document must list your name (if you’re an additional insured, provide supporting documentation), the VIN of the vehicle you’re registering, and the effective and expiry dates of the insurance policy
    • 36 days or newer Safety Standards Certificate (SSC): A picture of the original SSC (not a photocopy) must be submitted to us within 36 days of completion, even for new cars, and even for vehicles that had an SSC completed over 36 days ago (see sample)
    • Profile picture: A clear image of you from the shoulders up, so riders can see what you look like - more on Your Profile Picture

2. You’ll complete a background screen online: Within 2 business days of receiving your documents, we’ll email you with next steps. If all 5 documents pass based on what we request here, we’ll send you an email to complete your background screen online. If any of your documents aren’t quite right, we’ll send you an email requesting new pictures of your docs.  

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If pass your background screening, we'll apply for your Taxify PTC license for you (more info on PTC Licenses). Once we’re ready to launch, we’ll be in touch with your Taxify Driver details, so you can get on the road with us and start earning!

Can’t access the Taxify Driver app? Haven’t received an email yet? Curious about our launch date? Take a look at our Toronto driver registration FAQ.

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