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Cleaning Fees

Drivers should be active and consistent in maintaining vehicle cleanliness in order to promote quality service and ensure a safe, comfortable trip for riders.  

A rider created a mess in my vehicle. What do I do?

In the event that a rider is responsible for damage to the interior or exterior of a vehicle as a result of incidents such as vomiting or food spills, riders are responsible for covering the costs of cleaning.

To properly process cleaning fee claims, drivers will need to contact our Support Team and provide us with:

  • Details of the ride
  • Detailed picture before cleaning
  • Detailed pictures after the cleaning
  • Receipt of cleaning

Cleaning fees will be assessed and charged according to the extent of the damage.

$0 -  Items that can be thrown away or easily wiped up. This includes any mess caused by water.

$20 - Small interior mess that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (ex. Minor food/beverage spills, dirt etc.)

$40 - Moderate exterior mess (ex. Food/beverage spills on vehicle exterior)

$80 - Moderate interior mess (ex. Larger food/beverage spills on fabric or other hard-to-clean surface, minor bodily fluid messes)

$150 - Any incident that requires cleaning between the window/door or air vents (Ex. Major bodily fluid mess)

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