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Common M-Pesa Issues

Paying for your rides in Kenya is even more convenient with MPesa payment method. If you experience any issues with your MPesa, please refer to easy fixes below. 

You received an M-Pesa PIN request when requesting a new ride

  • Every time you place a request for the Taxify service using your M-Pesa payment method, you will be prompted to enter a PIN
  • This PIN is used to verify the transaction to eliminate any unauthorised activity on your M-Pesa wallet
  • You will also be prompted to enter a PIN into the app if you have a pending payment from a previous request on your account.
  • To clear this error message:
    • Wait for Safaricom to send you an SMS containing your PIN
    • Please enter this M-Pesa PIN into the Taxify app to complete the payment
  • If you happened to settle cash for the related trip, please contact the Taxify Support team to clear this error

The M-Pesa PIN window is not showing

  • In the event that the M-Pesa window is not opening, this implies that Safaricom is experiencing downtime with their M-Pesa services.
  • When this happens, please wait for a moment to establish reconnection.
  • If the reconnection process fails, please try to process the payment again later.
  • You will be able to access the Taxify platform during this time though by using the cash option.

The waiting screen stays longer when you attempt to add M-Pesa payment method

  • Your PIN should appear within a few seconds.
  • If you do not receive a PIN within a 3-minute time lapse, this may mean that Safaricom is experiencing downtime or that the transaction authorisation process failed.
  • Once the 3 minute time lapse has passed, you can close the dialogue box and try to submit another request.
  • Should the error continue on a follow-up attempt, please connect with Safaricom directly for advice on the processing error.

You received a prompt that your payment method is pending addition and it should become available within a few minutes

  • If you have not received an SMS containing your PIN, please close the dialogue field and try again after 3 minutes.
  • On a follow-up attempt, one of two things may happen:
    • You will receive a Success message indicating that your M-Pesa account has been uploaded successfully. You can proceed to the payments tab in your Taxify app menu to verify this.
    • You will receive an Unsuccessful error or a lingering dialogue box. In this instance, please try again later.

You got charged 1 KES when adding M-Pesa payment method

  • This amount is a one-time, non-refundable transaction that works like an authorisation.
  • This charge is used to test whether you will be able to use M-Pesa for paying for your rides without experiencing technical errors in the system.
  • You will be notified of this charge upon being prompted for PIN entry. Message reads as follows: Do you want to pay Kshs, 1 to API Management - Safaricom test 12 Account no. AddMethod?

You got a prompt for an M-Pesa PIN twice (or more times) when requesting a ride

  • This usually happens when you have two or more failed ride payments
  • For easy identification, each M-PESA PIN resolution banner you receive will have the applicable ride date and the amount charged as its reference
  • To clear this error, by using the reference provided in the SMS, enter the applicable M-PESA PIN into the Taxify PIN entry field.

M-Pesa PIN prompt window is not showing when you add M-Pesa as a payment method

  • Please make sure that the number associated with your Taxify account is also an M-Pesa registered number.

You keep getting the M-Pesa PIN prompt when opening the Taxify app although you got M-Pesa SMS confirming payment for a ride taken

  • This means that you didn't pay through Taxify in-app MPesa payment method but you paid the Driver directly by MPesa to their personal number
  • This is a Passenger-to-Driver direct payment which is equivalent to a cash payment
  • Please don't forget that when you select in-app MPesa as a payment method, there is no need to pay by MPesa directly from your phone
  • If this is the case or you paid the Driver in cash, please contact our Support Team.
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