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Common M-Pesa Issues

Paying for your rides in Kenya is even more convenient with M-Pesa. If you experience any issues with your M-Pesa payment method, please refer to easy fixes below:

Receiving a PIN when requesting a new ride

  • You will be prompted to enter a PIN every time you request the Bolt service. 
  • You may also be prompted to enter a PIN if you have a pending payment from a previous trip. Enter this M-Pesa PIN into the Bolt app to complete the payment.
  • If you paid cash for the related trip, please contact our Support Team to clear the restriction.

Charged 1 KES when adding M-Pesa payment method

  • This amount is a one-time, non-refundable transaction that works like an authorisation. It is used to test if you will be able to use M-Pesa for your rides without experiencing technical errors in the system.
  • You will be notified of this charge upon being prompted for PIN entry. Message reads as follows: Do you want to pay Kshs, 1 to API Management - Safaricom test 12 Account no. AddMethod?

Prompted for an M-Pesa PIN twice (or more times)

  • This usually happens when you have two or more failed ride payments
  • For easy identification, each M-Pesa PIN resolution banner you receive will have the applicable ride date and the amount charged as its reference
  • To clear this error, enter the M-Pesa PIN into the Bolt app when prompted
  • if there are any confusions about the payment, contact our Support Team

Repeated M-Pesa PIN prompt although you got M-Pesa SMS confirming payment for a ride taken

  • This means that you didn't pay through Bolt in-app M-Pesa payment method but rather paid the driver directly by using their personal number
  • This is a passenger-to-driver direct payment, which is equivalent to a cash payment
  • Please don't forget that when you select in-app M-Pesa as a payment method, there is no need to pay by M-Pesa directly from your phone
  • If this is the case, please contact our Support Team for help.
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