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Q: Why do I receive an MPESA PIN request when I start the Taxify app to request a new ride?

A: This is as a result of your account having a pending MPESA payment for a previous ride. Input your MPESA PIN to complete the payment.

Q: The MPESA PIN window is not showing, what do I do?

A: Wait for a moment or try again later. This means that Safaricom is experiencing downtime on their MPESA services. 

Q: The 3 minutes waiting screen is too long when attempting to add my Taxify app MPESA payment option! Can I close it?

A: Yes, you can close the dialogue. Three minutes is the maximum amount of time you would wait. In the event where no MPESA PIN prompt comes on your screen within three minutes, your transaction would be considered as “failed”. 99% of the time, however, the MPESA PIN prompt window will appear within a few seconds.

Q: I received the following prompt: “Your payment method is pending addition. It should become available within a few minutes.” What should I do?

A: If no MPESA PIN prompt came, please try again after 3 minutes. If you entered a PIN and got a “success” SMS, please go back to the “payments” tab in your Taxify app menu where your M-Pesa option should now reflect.

Q: Why did I get charged 1 KES when adding MPESA payment option to my Taxify account?

A: Yes, this is a one-time non-refundable transaction which is used as a test to make sure you will be able to use M-Pesa for paying for your rides without technical errors in the system.

Q: Why do I get a request/prompt for an MPESA PIN Twice (or more times) upon turning on the Taxify app to request for a ride?

A: This is because you had two or more failed ride payments. Each MPESA PIN resolution banner has a ride date and an amount stated on it for your reference to identify the specific trip for which there is a pending payment. 

LJP5UTOPL1 Confirmed. Ksh220.00 sent to TAXIFY KENYA LIMITED  for account AddMethod on 25/10/17 at 1:04 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh90.00. Transaction cost, Ksh0.00. ~

Q: MPESA PIN prompt window is not showing when I add MPESA as a payment option in my Taxify app.

A: Please make sure that you are using the same number with which you registered on Taxify that is also an MPESA registered number

Q: Why do I get an SMS from MPESA confirming payment for a ride taken, but I keep getting the MPESA PIN prompt when opening the Taxify app to order for a ride?

A: This means that you paid the driver directly by mpesa to his personal number as opposed to using the Taxify's in-app MPESA payment option. This is a Rider-to-Driver direct payment which is equivalent to a CASH payment. 

NOTE: When MPESA is selected; do not pay cash to the driver or pay by MPESA directly from your phone. 

If you had settled your fare in cash or by direct MPESA payment (not using Taxify app) to the driver with MPESA selected on your Taxify app payment option, please contact our Support Team.

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