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Driver Registration FAQ

When is Taxify launching in Toronto?

We’re choosing to keep our launch date quiet until one week before the big day, when we’ll reach out to our approved launch partners (documents approved, background screen clear) with the exciting news! We're now licensed with the City of Toronto as an official rideshare company and working diligently to get PTC licenses for all of our approved Taxify Partners, in addition to other pre-launch preparations.

If your background screen has passed but one (or more) of your documents has since expired, we’ll email you to request updated documents. We need these to apply for your Taxify PTC license, to ensure you’re on the road with us and earning big on launch day!

I’ve started my Taxify driver application, why haven't I heard from Taxify yet?

I’ve already submitted my 5 registration documents

Give us one working day to take a look at what you’ve submitted. If we need more information, we’ll email you to let you know. If more than one working day has passed, check our email hasn’t ended up in your Spam/Junk Mail folder.

I have not submitted my 5 registration documents

Sign back into your driver registration using the email address and phone number you started your registration with. Once we receive 5 documents from you, we lock down your account for review - we'll be in touch with next steps.

Do I need to get a new SSC for my Taxify application?

As per City of Toronto rideshare regulations, your car must hold a valid Safety Standards Certificate (SSC). Once received, this document is valid for 1 year, but it must be submitted for review within 36 days of completion - even for new, just-off-the-lot cars, and even for vehicles that recently had an SSC completed (that have since passed the 36-day submission window).

We've partnered with a few MTO-authorized mechanics who will provide Taxify Partners a Safety Standards Certificate at a discounted price. Please call ahead to the autobody shop to ensure they are able to serve you.

Why can't I log in to the Taxify Driver app?

Before we launch in Toronto, the Taxify Driver app is being used purely as a registration portal. This means that once you’ve submitted your documents to us, we lock your account down for review (this is why you see an “Account not approved” message when you try to sign in to the app). We’ll be keeping all accounts locked until one week before we launch, when we’ll provide all approved Taxify partners with their Taxify Driver app account credentials.

To ensure you’re in our base of approved Taxify partners, make sure you complete your registration - Read more here.

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