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Getting Your Driver Authorisation (DA)

To drive with Bolt Brisbane, you need to hold a Driver Authorisation (DA) with a Booked Hire/Taxi (BHTX) categorisation. To obtain it, you need to meet the following requirements:

Be entitled to work in Australia

You need to provide the evidence that you are:

  • Australian Citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or
  • A New Zealand citizen who is the holder of a special category visa as defined by the Migration Act 1958 Section 32 or
  • entitled, under a visa granted under the Migration Act

Have an acceptable criminal history

  • All charges, offences, and convictions from Queensland, interstate or overseas must be declared as part of the application process. Certain categories of offences and convictions will make you ineligible to hold a Driver Authorisation

Have a satisfactory driving history

  • A DA application will not be accepted where an applicant has had an alcohol interlock condition imposed on their driver licence in the past two years regardless of when the condition expires

Medical fitness

  • An applicant must be certified medically fit in accordance with the Assessing Fitness to Drive - Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers medical standards
  • A medical certificate can be obtained from your GP or any other medical practitioner

Hold a current open or restricted driver licence

  • A DA applicant must hold a current Australian open or restricted driver licence for the class of vehicle being driven
  • Applicants for booked hire are required to have held an open or provisional driver licence (Australian or overseas) for at least three continuous years

What does it cost to get a Driver Authorisation?

  • New application fee: $42.45 +
  • 1 year - $145.60
  • 2 years - $226.30
  • 3 years - $301.60
  • 4 years - $376.95
  • 5 years - $452.40

Find the Driver Authorization (or related) forms .


  • The application can be submitted in person at a transport and motoring service centre. It must be accompanied by evidence of identity (EOI), driver licence, evidence of Australian work entitlement and full payment.
  • If your Driver Authorization card is under the General (GENR) categorization, you will need to personally call or go to a Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) location to update your authority card.
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