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Getting Your Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL)

 From 15 January 2018, all vehicles providing ride-booking services must hold a current Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL).

An annual booked hire service licence is being introduced to ensure that drivers providing booked hire services in a vehicle other than a taxi or limousine are suitable and the vehicle is safe.

To apply online for a BHSL, you will need the following:

  • A valid TMR customer reference number for each associated person on the application
  • if you’re applying as a corporation, provide an:
    • Australian company number
    • Certificate of registration of a company
    • Current company extract identifying all current directors (available from ASIC)
  • An email address so you can receive notifications about your application
  • For the vehicle nominated on the licence you will need:
    • Current registration in Queensland
    • A current Certificate of Inspection
    • A change of compulsory third party (CTP) insurance class letter from your insurer if you need to change your insurance class. For a vehicle you own, you will need a Class 26 Upgrade, and for a vehicle you rent, you will need a Class 4 Upgrade.
    • A completed Form F5190 from the registered operator if you are using someone’s vehicle
  • a Visa or Mastercard to pay the licence fee

Get more information and official BHSL application.

Note: The cost of a BHSL is $237.26 per year paid to TMR.

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