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Complete Your Background Screen Online

Important: Do not share your background screen link with anyone!

The link you receive is unique to you. Sharing your personal link may result in a rejected background screening.

Follow the below steps to complete your background screen online and finalize your driver registration. These steps must be followed to ensure proper processing of your background screen.

1. Upload two pieces of Canadian identification, one from each list:

List A (photo identification)

      • Driver’s license
      • Government employment card
      • Military employment card
      • Age of majority card
      • Canadian citizenship card
      • Indian status card
      • International student card
      • Passport
      • Permanent resident card
      • Possession and Acquisition License
      • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) card
      • Health card

List B (non-photo identification)

      • Birth certificate
      • Baptismal certificate
      • Hunting license
      • Fishing license
      • Outdoors card
      • Hospital card
      • Canadian Blood Donor card (only if date of birth indicated)
      • Immigration papers
      • Credit/debit card (must have your name on the front)
      • Student card
      • SIN card
      • Temporary driver’s license (only if not using driver’s license for List A)

2. Fill in your personal info:

  • You must fill out your legal name exactly as it appears on your Driver’s License. Your first name, middle name, and last name are separated by commas on your driver’s license.
  • "Date of entry to Canada" is the date when you first moved to Canada

3. Double check you have correctly entered your Driver’s License number! If this is incorrectly entered, your background check will automatically be rejected.

4. Fill in your address history:

  • You must fill out your latest address exactly as it appears on your Driver’s License.
  • Please note If you have lived in Canada for less than five years. Simply put ‘01/2012’ in the ‘Resident from’ box

5. To confirm you have not been convicted of any offenses, simply press ‘Continue’.

6. Sign and submit: Your signature does not need to look perfect. This is just to give Taxify consent to complete your background check.

7. Press the submit button to finish!

Congratulations! Your background check is now being processed. Background checks take anywhere between 2-5 days to process. If you are cleared, we'll be in touch to confirm your application has been accepted.

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