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Peak Times and Areas in Melbourne

Bolt Melbourne endeavours to keep Drivers informed on where to be, particularly during peak periods to increase the number of rides you complete and help you earn more.

When to Drive to Earn More?

Top drivers increase their earnings by driving during the morning and evening peak hours, taking some hours off during low-demand hours to have a rest and enjoy the day.

You too can increase your earnings by driving during busier times, such as 4PM-7PM on weekdays and especially all day and night from Friday to Sunday!

Where are the best places to drive?

In every city, there are hotspots where lots of people are ordering rides. Drivers who are in these areas are more likely to earn more due to a higher amount of rides and higher surge pricing.

Recommended areas to drive include:

  • CBD
  • St Kilda / Windsor / Prahran
  • South Yarra / Richmond
  • Collingwood / Brunswick
  • Fitzroy / Carlton

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