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Driving with Taxify in the UK

We're looking for existing PHV Drivers who:

  • Are licensed by TfL to drive PHV or Taxis in London
  • Have a TfL licensed PHV (either owned or rented) with at least 4 seats.

We do not have a program to support new PHV/PHD applications. You can find information regarding applying for licenses on the TfL website.

Taxify is proudly bound by the equalities act and is open to everyone. Discrimination on the basis of, inter alia, age, race, sex orientation or religion is unacceptable if perpetrated by us, Drivers or Passengers. The London Operations Team will be zealous in this regard.

Step 1 - Register at

For PHV drivers, in addition to your personal details, we will need the following documents from you. For licensed Black Cab drivers, we will need most of these and to validate your bill in person.

About you

  • EU/EEA Driving licence
  • National insurance number
  • Photo showing current likeness (passport photo style)
  • TfL issued valid PHV driver’s licence
  • Hire and Reward insurance certificate

About your vehicle

  • V5 vehicle ownership certificate OR registered keeper permission document
  • MoT certificate for vehicle
  • TfL issued PHV licence for vehicle

Step 2 - Coming to see us

We meet with all drivers. Once you have completed the online application you will be sent a link to be able to register for a session. In this session we will cover many topics including the following

    • An introduction to Taxify
    • Differentiation from other Operators
    • How the driver application works
    • The Taxify pay structure
    • A refresh on the highway code
    • A reminder to turn off engines when idling and info on ULEZ.
    • A statement of Taxify’s stance on discrimination and sexual harassment
    • Confirmation that all allegations of serious crimes will be reported to the Metropolitan Police without exception
    • Cycle safety video which will be developed with the London Cycling Campaign
    • Dealing with complaints and lost property
    • Disabled passenger lifting
    • Operation Makesafe: basic training for drivers in the prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation
    • Plenty of time for additional questions from drivers!

Step 3 - Getting on the road

Once you have completed training and got your login details, you will be ready to drive. We invite you to to check out the articles on Driver Application Issues, Safety as well as our Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact 

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