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Your safety

The safety of drivers and passengers is paramount. If you are ever in a situation where you are in danger, you can use the SOS function to contact the emergency services.

If you reach a pickup and feel the passenger behaviour may be a problem, don’t pick up and let us know. We will make a note against this trip and your input helps us ensure a healthy pool of clients.

If there is a disagreement during the trip, try to deescalate the situation. Let us know your thoughts via the app and we will mediate with the passenger and yourself later.

If a passenger is inebriated to the extent their judgement is affected then please keep in mind they are very vulnerable and to please ensure their safety is ensured.

Working hours

Taxify takes serious its responsibility to passengers, drivers and the public alike.

For this reason the company recognises that it is dangerous for drivers to spend extended period of time behind the wheel and we take meaningful steps to ensure that no driver works when they should be taking a rest period.

Accordingly Taxify has developed and deployed industry-leading technology which automatically requires drivers to take appropriate rest periods. Once a driver has been logged on for a cumulative period of 12 hours in any 24 hour period, he or she will be automatically logged off for 6 hours.


If you are victim of or witness to a crime, please contact the police, letting us know helps us support you and liaise with other parties involved where appropriate.

We undertake that all and any allegations of serious crime will be reported expeditiously to the Metropolitan Police without exception.

Taxify will never make a value judgment about what alleged offences should and should not be reported to the police.

The Group has a worldwide policy proactively to cooperate with enquiries from law enforcement to the maximum extent permissible by law (mindful of course of passengers’ reasonable expectation of privacy).

Safety suspensions

It may sometimes be necessary to suspend a driver account where we have an allegation of improper behaviour or safety issues. We do not take this decision lightly, as we know it can have impact on a drivers income. However, we have a duty of care also to the public and to uphold our obligations as an operator and will need to suspend accounts whilst we investigate.

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