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Code of Conduct

Taxify Operations UK Limited is bound by a Code of Conduct derived from that of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics. The full text reads:

Taxify Code of Conduct

Taxify, its employees and service providers will at all times act to ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, members of the public.

Taxify and its employees will at all times comport itself as a good corporate citizen. In discharge of this obligation Taxify, its employees and service providers will:

  • Act with integrity and professionalism and carry out their duties in such a way as to promote a positive image of Taxify and the private hire trade.
  • Act responsibly to secure the welfare, health and safety of all passengers, employees, service providers and members of the public and take account of the impact of their activities on the environment and the community.
  • Cooperate proactively with police services and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Ensure the fair treatment of Taxify’s employees and service
  • Endeavour to serve the interests of Taxify, its service providers and employees without compromising professional integrity or ethics.
  • Not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. Taxify’s employees will act proactively to ensure that no personal dependency, obligation or influence arises and that there is no appearance of such
  • Taxify, its employees and service providers will not discriminate on the grounds of colour, nationality (including citizenship), national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, social class, age, sexual orientation, disability, political views, membership or non-membership of a trade union or any other personal characteristic.”
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