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Submitting Your Application

Thanks for applying to drive with Taxify. You would have received this link since you have not completely submitted your application and may be wondering why your application hasn't been processed. 

Below is a walkthrough of the application process

Step 1

  • Go to the signup page, submit your email, phone number and select your city. Proceed to the next page.

Step 2

  • Fill in the page with your first name, last name and select your car details. If your car is not listed, please notify us through In the meantime, select the correct brand and any model and we will change your vehicle details for you later. 
  • The ticked box after referral box confirms that you have a vehicle less than 10 years old and it isn't a taxi, government or rebranded vehicle
  • Click Next from the page above

Step 3

  • Fill in this page with your date of birth in the format shown. You will also need to provide your driver licence number, which can be found on your driver licence
  • All ride-share drivers in NSW must hold a full, unrestricted licence for over 12 months
  • If you have come from another state and held a full licence there for over a year, please send your driving record plus images of the front and back of your licence from your previous state to We require this as proof of you holding a full licence; otherwise, you will be shown as ineligible in the Point to Point Portal. We cannot accept drivers until they are green for both Licence and P2P Eligibility.
  • Consent to upload your details into the Point to Point Portal will be requested
  • Click Continue when you have filled your details to move to the next page

Step 4

We only require 6 uploads upfront (5 different types of documents) to submit your application. A summary of each document is listed below (see more information here):

  • Australian Driver Licence (Front) - Must clearly show all details such as name, licence number, DOB and expiry date
  • Australian Driver Licence (Back) - Must clearly show updated address details and Passenger Transport condition details (if you have one)
  • Passport: Must be valid and clearly shows all details. Australian Birth Certificates, Citizenship certificates are also accepted
  • Vehicle Insurance Document: Must be Comprehensive or Third Party, not CTP. If possible, please also attach the full document. We need to observe details such as expiry date, insured driver details, and vehicle number plate. 
  • Profile Photo: Just take a selfie (with no sunglasses)
  • Driving Record: The portal does not currently check the eligibility of candidates against criminal and traffic offences. The Point to Point Regulation came into effect on the 1st of November 2017 and identifies a list of disqualifying offences that may or may not have been considered disqualifying for the driver authority, taxi licence or hire car scheme previously. 

Common disqualifying offenses include those that have been committed in the last 10 years (duration quoted by Point to Point):

  • Driving with middle or high-range PCA
  • Driving while licence suspended, cancelled or disqualified
  • Speeding in excess of 45km/h
  • Driving causing grievous bodily harm or death

These offenses and more are all listed in the Point to Point Regulation legislation. 

Hence, you will need to provide a full driving record for us to check for any disqualifying offense. We only accept records less than 12 months old. If yours is older or you don't have one, you can request a driving record.

Purchase the online one and upload the full PDF. After uploading all the correct documents, click Continue to proceed to the next page.

Step 5

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