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Driver Application Issues

This article covers some basic pointers on the workings of the app and details about fares, payment and registration.

Taxify commission fee:

  • We charge a 15% commission fee in the UK. Our lesser fee is a large part of why we are so popular with drivers worldwide.

Hidden charges:

  • Our pricing is transparent. For every £10 charged to the passenger, you are credited £8.50 with no hidden charges taken.

Fee breakdown:


Getting paid:

  • Via transfer into your UK bank account (non-UK accounts are NOT acceptable). You get paid weekly (Tuesdays), for bookings completed between Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59. We do not offer instant withdrawal. Minimum payout is £10.

Ride categories

  • Currently, we only offer a standard service. An Executive service at a higher price point, typically offering journeys using vehicles such as the E-class Mercedes and the 5-series BMW will follow shortly after launch.
  • Similarly, we will introduce larger options such as Estate and MPV.
  • Taxify will also proactively seek to recruit the services of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and in time this service is likely to become a viable service line in its own right, albeit with rather longer waiting times than for the base service.

The areas we cover:

  • We only provide pickups in Greater London area administered by TfL. You will be unable to make any pickups outside this area. You will be able to take bookings going outside the area.

Sending your documents:

If you need to update your documents, please send your valid documents through your Taxify Driver App. Follow these steps:

For iOS Devices

  • Open your driver's app and select News at the bottom tab of your PDA
  • Under the conversations select View all conversations
  • Click on the link in the bottom left-hand of the screen

You will be able to take a picture directly from the app or upload the picture from your photo library

For Android Devices 

  • Open your drivers app and select News at the bottom tap of your PDA.
  • Under the News select View all news
  • Click on the third Icon at the bottom of the screen 

You will need to have the picture already taken to send your document.

Choosing my navigation:

  • We prefer you to use a navigation system you feel comfortable with. 
    Click on Settings > Default navigation and choose from the available options.

Resetting your password:

Note: You will only be able to reset your password once you have been through training and had your account activated. See step three on Steps to Becoming a Taxify Driver

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