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Help with Common Questions

How do I send documents?

  • We encourage drivers to keep their documents up to date, If you need to update your documents we kindly ask drivers to send the new documents through your Taxify Driver App. Please follow the steps.

For iOS Devices

Step 1. Open your driver's app and select News at the bottom tab of your PDA.

Step 2. Under the conversations select View all conversations

Step 3. Click on the link in the bottom left-hand of the screen.

  • You will be able to take a picture directly from the app or upload the picture from your photo library

For Android Devices: 

Step 1. Open your drivers app and select News at the bottom tap of your PDA.

Step 2. Under the News select View all news

Step 3. Click on the third Icon at the bottom of the screen .

  • You will need to have the picture already taken to send your document.

Can I choose my navigation?

  • We prefer you to use a navigation system you feel comfortable using.
    Click on Settings - Default navigation and you’ll be able to select those available.

How can I reset my app password?

If you cannot remember your password, follow these instructions.

Note: You will only be able to reset your password once you have been through training and had your account activated. See step three on Steps to Becoming a Taxify Driver

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