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Applying for an Operating Licence in Cape Town

The application for operating permits is in two parts:

Step 1: Submit the Business Plan application

Bolt will be applying on behalf of all registered operators with TCT. We will collect all information for the submission of your business plan through the online form and submit this information to TCT for consideration:

Step 1: Fill in and sign your proxy letter.

Step 2: Collect your other documents (scanned to PDF format).

Step 3: Submit your business plan via the online form.

The following documents are required to complete step one:

For business applications:

  • Lease agreement equal to or greater than one year
  • Tax invoice of parking/ parking quotation
  • The ID of the business owner or company registration documents.

For individual applications:

Using Apartment as base address:

  • Permission from Body Corporate (indicating the number of parking bays and permission to park business vehicles on-premises)
  • Municipal rates bill or equivalent indicating an address or ERF number
  • The ID of the tenant (if applicant) OR Homeowner (if applicant).

Using Residential House as base address:

  • Municipal rates bill or equivalent indicating an address or ERF number
  • ID of Homeowner
  • Valid lease or letter from the owner stating that the applicant is allowed to use premises (if renting)
  • Work permit (if not South African/Permanent Resident)
  • ID or Company Registration Document
  • Proxy Letter (letter giving us permission to apply on your behalf).

Step 2: Operating Permit application

If your business plan is deemed satisfactory, TCT will provide you with a letter of support which Bolt will collect on your behalf. You will then need to take this letter to the Department of Transport in Vanguard Drive, and hand it in with your application for an operating licence [Form 1B].

The following supporting documentation is required for step two:

  • Completed form 1B (see below instructions)
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate (For the individual applying for the permits)
  • Certified copy of ID Document OR Passport
  • A signed statement that you will comply with all labour laws (this form is available at the Department of Transport)
  • Valid License Disc and registration (Only if the vehicle has already been purchased)
  • Motivation letter from Bolt.

Completing Form 1B:

Section A: Type of application

  • Tick option one: New operating license

Section B: Particulars of the Applicant

  • Details of the person applying

Section C: Particulars of the person responsible for a juristic person (Only applicable if you are applying as a company, partnership or close corporation).

Section F: Type of Public Transport Service

  • Choose Metered taxi service
  • If applying on behalf of someone else you will need a proxy or authorisation letter
  • Under 'Number of passengers that will be carried', indicate between 4-8.

Section G: Particulars of Route

  • Only fill in the section starting “In the case of metered taxis describe the area…. ”. Here you must write down your business or home address and indicate that it will be in a 30km -50km radius around that base address.

Section H: Authorised ranks and terminals

  • In the block, state that it is a base operation with no ranks required.

Section K: Declaration

  • Complete personal information and sign.

Section L: Vehicles- You do not need to have the vehicles in order to apply. Please indicate if you have not purchased any vehicles.

  • Fill out the number of vehicles to be purchased (this is how many permits you will be applying for)- Under type, select Motor car
  • Under seating capacity, select 4-8- If you do not have the vehicles yet do not fill out the section on vehicle information, the section starts Vehicle 1:
  • If you need to fill out particulars on more than 3 vehicles you may attach additional copies of Section L only.

Submit your completed documents to the Department of Transport, Vangate Office, Corner Bosduif and Volstruis Roads, Athlone, 7764.


  • Business Plan applications can only be made through the online form. No submissions can be done in person at the office.
  • The type of base address you submit in your business plan MUST match the supporting documents.
  • The residential property does not qualify as a business address. If the property is zoned as residential it will be subject to residential document submissions and restrictions (if running a business from home, you will be subject to the two permit limit)
  • If you are applying as an individual, you may apply for two permits. If you are applying as a business, you may apply for up to five sets of permits.
  • Priority will be given to driver-partners or operators already registered on the Bolt platform with vehicles.
  • Once you have submitted your application, Bolt will update you on the status as it moves through the process.
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