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Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles used for Taxify must meet both our minimum standards and government requirements.

All vehicles must:

  • Be in excellent working condition, with no cosmetic damage
  • The vehicle must be covered by a valid insurance policy for third party property damage with a cover of at least $5 million
  • Be able to pass a Redbook vehicle inspection (all vehicles require annual pink slip registrations). Please email us at so we can book you in for an inspection
  • All vehicles must have a Taxify sign placed at the rear windscreen when they are carrying passengers. Drivers who fail to do so may be fined by local police
  • Be a minimum of 2008 model or newer
  • Have 4 doors
  • Seat 4-7 passengers (excluding the driver)
  • Have working windows and air conditioning
  • Must not be a taxi, government, branded or rebuilt vehicle

If you need more details, see the legislative requirements

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