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Cleaning Fees

Drivers should be active and consistent in maintaining vehicle cleanliness to promote quality service and ensure a safe and comfortable journey for passengers. 

Bolt has negotiated special cleaning rates for our drivers

Bolt has partnered with Magic Hand Carwash (Richmond only) to help clean your vehicle: 

  • $10 for outside only 
  • $20 (Sedan) for general hand carwash (interior and exterior)
  • $25 (SUV & Wagon) for general hand carwash (interior and exterior)
  • $30 (4wd & 7 Seater) for general hand carwash (interior and exterior)

They are located at 35 Hoddle St, Richmond and operate from 9am to 5pm.

To enjoy the pricing above, just log into the driver app and show your driver profile to the cleaning attendant.

Reimbursement procedure

If a passenger stains your car because of vomiting, food/drink spills, soiled clothing or baggage, the passenger is responsible for covering the costs of cleaning.

We will attempt to recover cleaning costs from the passenger and then reimburse these costs if you requested a price review.

Report a staining incident to our Support Team immediately through the app and provide us with the following:

  • Details of the journey (date and time)
  • Pictures of damage/stain (please take at least three different photos close-up and afar)
  • After reporting the incident, please get your vehicle cleaned and send us a receipt via the app or by email to

The receipt should contain:

  • The name and ABN details of the car cleaning company
  • The services provided (i.e. car-cleaning) and the cost of the service

We will then take action and attempt to recover the cost of the cleaning from the passenger responsible for the damage.

Compensation Tiers

Cleaning costs that may be reimbursed will be subject to the following limits:

  • $50 for minor spills and cleans
  • $90 for mid-range spills and cleans
  • $120 for major spills and cleans

Note: We will accept only one cleaning compensation request which doesn’t follow the procedure above; any further requests that do not comply with our procedure will be declined.

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