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Purchasing Taxify Cover

Taxify Cover is a unique insurance initiative by Taxify Nigeria in partnership with AIICO Insurance PLC facilitated by AutoGenius to provide insurance cover to all Taxify users.

There are two ways to purchase the Taxify Cover - in person or online.

To purchase your Taxify cover in person:

  • Contact an AutoGenius Representative by either calling +2348099988005 or sending an email to
  • Fill in the required paperwork
  • Pay the premium
  • Get your Taxify Cover Insurance Certificate

To purchase your Taxify cover online:

  • Visit the AutoGenius website
  • Sign in with an existing account or register as a new user
  • Click on Plans then select Taxify Cover to get started
  • Select Buy Now on any of the three available covers
  • Enter all the required details
  • Select the payment plan and click on Next
  • Proceed to make the payment
  • Once you finalise your order, your Taxify Cover Insurance Certificate will be sent to your registered email address

Note: The Basic and Classic Covers are only available with the annual plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What if I already have a comprehensive insurance cover?

  • Your personal auto insurance policy may not provide coverage for you if you drive for a service like Taxify. This is because personal car insurance policies often come with a list of exclusions such as driving-for-hire that restricts your protection.
  • Also, while many comprehensive insurance plans are built to insure the car, they are not often structured to protect drivers or passengers as individuals. This is especially important in situations where you lose personal effects or sustain injuries.
  • If you have a comprehensive insurance cover that includes driver, passenger and personal effects and does not restrict driving-for-hire

Who can access Taxify cover?

  • This is open to all drivers currently on the Taxify platform. It is a required document to operate on the platform. Select the right cover for you.  

Which of the Taxify insurance covers should I get?

  • ​All drivers are advised to get the Taxify extension cover (basic or classic) as this allows you to become active with Third party insurance as opposed to the initial requirement of Comprehensive insurance.
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