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Waiting for a Passenger

When a rider does not show up minutes after you arrived at the pick-up point, make sure you call them

To compensate you for the time spent waiting, a wait time fee will be charged to the passenger on a per-minute rate after 2-3 minutes (city-specific) of arriving at the pickup location.

Be aware that a high number of cancelled orders with riders not showing up can indicate an issue like waiting at an incorrect pickup location, network problems, etc. This can lead to your account being temporarily blocked. 

Kindly wait until the block on your account expires to get back online. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Make sure that you are in the correct pick-up location
  • Make sure you have the latest driver app version and device that meets the requirements
  • Make sure to wait for the rider at least for 5 minutes before cancelling with the reason Client did not show 
  • Make sure to call the rider if you have difficulty finding each other.


  • If you are unable to reach the passenger via phone, then you can cancel the ride after 5 minutes (city-specific)
  • Your activity score is not affected if a passenger does not show up and you cancel with the reason Client did not show.
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