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Sydney Domestic Airport Information

Riders at SYD can request a Taxify ride when leaving the airport.

Where should drivers wait

To receive trip requests from SYD, we recommend you wait in the designated SYD Airport waiting area (see the map below).

There are fees in the waiting area if you stay for more than 30 minutes. This fee will be automatically charged to your e-TAG by Sydney Airport when you exit through the boom gates.

  • 0 - 15 min > $4.20
  • 16 - 30 min > $8.40
  • 31 - 60 min > $21.00
  • 61 - 120 min > $30.70
  • 121 - 180 min > $39.60
  • 181+ mins > $71.40

If you need to wait for more than the maximum free waiting time, it is recommended that you exit through the boom gate and immediately re-enter the waiting area.

Accepting trip requests

Once you have accepted a trip request from SYD, we suggest you call the rider to confirm they are ready to be picked up and to wait for you at the correct pickup area. Do not drive to the pickup area if your passenger is delayed as you may end up waiting too long and being charged extra pickup fees.

Pickup area for T2/T3 Domestic Terminal

For the domestic terminal, you will need to pick up your rider from the Priority Pickup area. Sydney Airport will automatically charge a fee to your e-TAG based on the amount of time that you have spent in the Priority Pick-up zone (see the list below for fee breakdown). As most rider pickups take less than 15 minutes, riders will be automatically charged $4.00 for trips from SYD Domestic to cover the Priority Pickup fee.

  • 0 to 15 min > $4
  • 16 to 30 mins > $8
  • 31 to 60 mins > $20.40
  • 1-2 hours > $30
  • 2-3 hours > $39.60
  • 3-24 hours > $71.40

Taxify waiting and pickup areas at SYD


Map key:

  • Black lines indicate driver entry route
  • Red lines indicate driver exit route
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