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Vehicle Signage Requirements for Driving in Queensland

If you are providing a booked hire service with Bolt, you must display the Bolt booked hire service identification sign on the front and rear windscreens of your vehicle.

Bolt signage complying with the relevant Queensland legislation will be provided to you before you start accepting rides with Bolt. As a Bolt driver, please ensure:

  • The signage is displayed on the bottom left-hand side of the front and rear windscreens when viewed from behind the vehicle, and
  • The signage is positioned so it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road or traffic

The Bolt signs must be removed from your vehicle when it is not being used for rideshare (i.e. for your own private use). Bolt’s signs have suction cups for easy removal and attachment to glass windscreens.

If your Bolt rideshare signage becomes damaged or lost, please contact us through the Bolt Driver App and we will arrange for new signage.

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