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Medical Certificate for Rideshare in Queensland

To obtain a Driver Authorisation (DA) in Queensland, you must obtain a current medical certificate from your doctor to confirm your fitness to drive a rideshare vehicle.

To obtain your medical certificate:

Important notes:

  • A medical certificate must be no more than 6 months old when presented for your driver authorisation  
  • The validity of the medical certificate is up to 5 years. However, it cannot exceed the term of the driver authorisation
  • A conditional or shorter term medical certificate may be issued by your doctor, which may require more regular medical checks to maintain your ability to drive rideshare
  • If you are over 75 years of age, an annual medical certificate must be obtained

Bolt wants to ensure your health and safety and that of passengers and road users at all times. If you ever feel that you are unwell, tired or unfit to drive, please stay off the roads - if necessary seek medical attention.

Two local doctors that you can obtain the medical certificates from are listed below:

  • Better Access Medical Clinic
    Address: 1 Hamilton Pl, Bowen Hills QLD 4006
    Phone: (07) 3620 8111
    Cost around $110 (as @ 27/4/18)
  • Windsor Family Medical Practice
    Address: 222 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor QLD 4030
    Phone: (07) 3357 6888
    Cost around $110 (as @ 27/4/18)
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