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Having a Camera in a Rideshare in Queensland

Queensland rideshare drivers are legally not obliged to have a camera in their vehicle to operate rideshare. However, if they wish to have one, the camera must only be of the approved list of cameras under the Queensland legislation below:

  • Mark 5 TaxiCam (VerifEye)
  • Mark 4 TaxiCam (VerifEye) -- Starting 30 June 2019, this camera model will not be permitted to use in a rideshare.
  • SnapShot Mark 4 with internal camera model PV3006-001
  • SnapShot Mark 4 with internal camera model PV3006-002
  • TaxicamHD Mobile CCTV System (Taxicomms)

From 30 June 2019, the cameras listed above are mandatory for recording both audio and visuals in rideshares.

Camera systems not listed above that record visuals in front of or behind the vehicle but do not record visuals or audio inside of the vehicle are permitted under Queensland legislation.  


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