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Payouts and Filling in Banking Details

Drivers receive their earnings weekly. All the bonuses are received together with payouts, not separately. Please note that weekly payouts feature previous week’s earnings, which were earned from Monday to Sunday.

It is advised to use mobile money account for faster processing of payouts.

When signing up, fill the banking credentials as follows:

  • Account recipient: Enter the full name of which the mobile money account is associated with
  • Account IBAN: Relevant phone number (in the 233xxxxxxxxx format)
  • Account SWIFT: Mobile money provider name (remember to format it as MTN when using MTN Mobile Money provider and TIGO, when using Tigo Cash, AIRTEL for Airtel Money, and VODAFONE for Vodafone Mpesa )

If you have already signed up and wish to switch to a mobile money account, please contact our Support Team.

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