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Obtaining a Certificate of Inspection

Before obtaining a Booked Hire Service Licence in Queensland, you will need to get a Certificate of Inspection for your vehicle so you can operate it as a rideshare vehicle in Queensland. The Certificate is a mandatory requirement and it certifies that your vehicle is safe and ready to transport passengers.

You can obtain a Certificate of Inspection from a Transport and Main Roads Inspection Centre or an Approved Inspection Station. The cost of the Certificate of Inspection is $81.40.

Obtain an assigned electronic Certificate of Inspection and your certificate will automatically be attached to your online Customer Reference Number. If you receive a paper certificate, you will have to lodge it manually with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Once you have your Certificate, you will then be able to proceed with your Booked Hire Service Licence Application.

Important notes:

  • You will need to renew your Certificate of Inspection every 12 months
  • You will receive a notification 10 weeks before your Certificate of Inspection expires from the Department of Transport and Main Roads

If you are buying / renting a new car for rideshare purposes, check with your specific provider as most new rideshare cars already have a Booked Hire Service Licence at time of purchase, so you won’t need to obtain a Certificate of Inspection.

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