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Adding a New Vehicle

To add a new vehicle to your profile, please follow the steps below to submit your request. 

  • Go to the driver portal 
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Select Vehicles on the left of your screen
  • Select Add new vehicle
  • Fill in all your car details accurately and add your driver permit information under Transport License
  • Select the right manufacturer and model of your car (e.g. Toyota is the manufacturer and Spacio is the model)
  • Make sure to add the Third party insurance and KCCA sticker (if you have it)


Our team will review the application and notify you if the vehicle was approved or not. 

  • If the vehicle has been accepted, you can go to the Settings in your app, then tap on Active car and select the new vehicle. Refer here for the detailed instructions
  • If your vehicle application has been declined, please act accordingly to the decline reason. You might need to re-submit your application with additional information or the vehicle may not be accepted on our platform. 

Note: Driving with a car that is not on a driver's profile will lead to a permanent block.

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