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Your Profile Picture

Bolt drivers must display a clear and visible picture of themselves within the app.

A good profile photo:

  • Shows your face centred in the frame (a smile goes a long way!)
  • Shows only you (and no other people)
  • Is not blurry
  • Contains no hats or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments accepted)
  • Is taken in good lighting (try facing a light source, like a lamp or window)
  • Is taken against a solid background
  • Is taken with the camera at eye level.


Good profile picture: Centered, visible face, clear image quality, solid background

Updating your profile picture

You can change your profile picture via the app by following the steps below:    

  • Go to Settings in the driver app
  • Tap on Driver Portal and sign in
  • Tap on Documents
  • Scroll down and then tap on the profile photo field
  • You can now upload/change your profile picture.
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