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Driver Balance and Commisson

The Bolt payment cycle runs weekly and earnings are calculated from 00:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday. 

At the end of each week, Bolt will send you a statement, use the guidelines below to help you understand the figures:

  • Balance higher than 5,000UGX: expect a deposit to your mobile money account
  • Balance lower than 5,000UGX: the amount will remain in your account and roll over as your starting balance in the new week
  • Negative balance: means that your in-app payments, compensations, and bonuses were not enough to cover the 20% commission we charge per ride

If you miss paying commission on time, you will not receive cash trips. To start getting cash trips again, you will need to settle your commission fee first.

Checking your commission debt

To keep tabs of your balance on your own:

  • Click on the Earnings tab in your in-app balance
  • Below Current Balance, you will be able to see how much is due to you (positive number) or due to Bolt (negative number)
  • If this amount is negative, please pay the amount before the following Monday.

Paying your commission debt

To pay your commission, make a payment to the following account:

  • Account Holder: Taxify Uganda SMC LTD
  • Account Number: 9030014386555
  • Reference: Unique ref number in your monthly invoice

Please note that payments can take 48-72 hours to clear.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep tabs of your Bolt balance weekly in-app
  • Always use the unique reference number found on your monthly invoice
  • Payments made between Monday and Thursday, take up to 24 hours to update
  • Payments made between 16:00 Friday and 23:59 Sunday will be updated on Monday morning
  • Cash ride option is removed when your balance reaches the -300,000UGX threshold. You must reduce your balance to below -99,000UGX to have your trips reactivated.


  • Your balance should update within 24 hours of Bolt receiving the funds (provided that information is correct and that there are no bank delays)
  • If your balance has not been updated in 72 hours, contact Support with a picture of your proof of payment.
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