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Using the SOS Button

The SOS button is designed for medical or security emergencies. Once you tap this button, you'll be instantly connected to our safety partners: Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (Lagos) and FRSC National Operations Control Centre (Abuja).

An ambulance or security operative would be on hand 24/7 to provide immediate aid. Please note that the SOS button is to be used only in situations where you, a passenger or a road user is in immediate danger and require emergency medical or security response.  

SOS emergency

Medical emergencies may include injuries from road accidents, incidents in which someone is unconscious, having trouble breathing, or is seriously bleeding.

Examples of security emergencies include feeling unsafe while travelling into an area at night, being stranded in an unsafe location with a broken vehicle, attempted vehicle hijack or any form of violence or attack.

To activate the SOS button:

  • Press and hold for 3 seconds
  • Depending on the case, either an ambulance or security operative will arrive on the spot
  • Bolt will also be notified of the incident and will handle the case as a matter of high priority.

Note: Please use this button only when you or your passengers are in immediate danger and require emergency response. Misuse of this button is strongly discouraged.

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